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Who we are

The Horizon Energy Group contributes to a changing world by connecting infrastructure, buildings and industrial sites to information and energy systems to improve life every day.

With strong regional roots and an agile organisational structure, the Horizon Energy Group’s business units boost the reliability, safety, and efficiency of energy, and communication infrastructure, factories, buildings, and information systems.

What we do

  • Horizon Energy Group - We apply a multi-local business model based on entrepreneurship and networking of all our expertise, working closely with our customers to create value day-to-day.
  • Aquaheat - Serves four regions in New Zealand with superior HVAC design, supply, installation and maintenance.
  • CoolLogic - Designing, building and/or operating refrigeration capa-bility in five regions nationally.
  • Horizon Networks - Operates and maintains the distribution net-work in the Eastern Bay of Plenty as well as providing streetlight and vegetation services
  • ElectriServ - A highly experienced multi-disciplined provider of electrical project, service and maintenance.
  • Caldwell and Levesque - A professional electrical and communications contractor delivering high quality installations on time, on budget and to specification. They also have a full interior design capbility.
  • Aquaheat South Pacific - Delivers specialist building services in the South Pacific. A total solutions provider that works in partnership with clients
  • Aquaheat Facilites New Zealand Ltd  - We manage 120 large facilities throughout New Zealand for HVAC, plumbing and electrical maintenance.


Reaching out into the Pacific

Reaching out into the Pacific


Commitment to sustainability

Encouraging our teams’ professional fulfillment.

Encouraging our teams’ professional fulfillment

Attracting New Talents

Horizon Energy Group implements a concerted social policy aimed at recruiting and retaining talented individuals within the Group, which had a total of 994 employees in 2019.

Building skills, fostering engagement

Providing training, and taking initiatives to encourage diversity are all part of our commitments to staff. We give assistance in a variety of ways including non-profit sponsorships. These are all features supporting the Group’s attractiveness and the development of its human resources.


Engaging in a long-term relationship with regions and our stakeholders

Engaging in a long-term relationship with regions and our stakeholders

Sponsoring sports, arts, culture and enviroment

Horizon Energy Group’s sponsorships span the realms of sports, art projects, environmental and cultural projects. We try to ensure that our sponsorships best fit with what our local regions need and what we can co-support the best. Our staff are encouraged and supported to get out and ‘work for good’ in any capacity they can – with our support.

Regional stakeholders

Because regional support is increasingly a determining factor of a successful project, our implementation relies on systematic consultation and dialogue under a co-constructive approach with regional stakeholders.


Acting for green growth

Acting for green growth

Reducing pollution and limiting our greenhouse gas emissions

Horizon Energy Group takes into account the environment at each step in the projects it carries out, with a broad perspective that intends to reduce the footprint across the life cycle of structures.

Developing more efficient environmental solutions

We pursue a sustainable development policy that is both exacting and pragmatic. We focus on our fleet performance and the introduction

of EV’s into our fleet, to work with the V2H (vehicle to home system) utilising EV batteries to supplement home power systems. We have a solid waste management plan for our offices and sites and we are also involved with a community project to recycle dangerous refrigerant gases


Creating the best working and safety conditions for our employees, partners and customers

Creating the best working and safety conditions for our employees, partners and customers

Marshalling teams across the board

Horizon Energy Group places strong emphasis on preventing the potential health and safety risks from employees that are caused by its businesses. The zero accident goal is a target for the teams in every workplace, for Group or subcontractors’ employees and temporary staff.

Nurturing a shared culture

A growing number of companies are finding ways to improve workplace quality of life and defining relevant action plans. Horizon Energy Group also focuses on the safety of customers and end users.